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Exclusive Services

The services provided at BBLW are focused on wellness enhancement and less on disease. While disease screening and treatment is imperative in medicine, we know that lifestyle management is often overlooked by the medical community. Our services are here to support your desire for a whole health approach while maintaining scientific integrity by utilizing only research backed and safe approaches to your lifestyle wellness.  

Medication Assisted Weight Management

Healthy weight is one of the key concerns for many of our patients. Unfortunately the world we live in makes it hard to know what we should and shouldn't be consuming. Not only will this consultation discuss medication options to launch a weight loss journey, but it will help you fly with your own wings and take control of your choices with achievable goals. BBLW is currently searching for a dietician to help achieve this goal- Stay Tuned!


Integrative Psychiatry: Mental Health and Wellness

In 2021, in an effort to improve outcomes in patient care, Dr. Wilson enrolled in year long fellowship program with the Integrative Psychiatry Institute. The foundation of integrative psychiatry focuses on the connection between Lifestyle, Brain, Body, and Spirituality. Integrative testing will include comprehensive GI assessment with laboratory stool analysis options; optional adrenal laboratory testing via saliva collection, and blood vitamin levels and inflammatory markers.  Treatments can include nutraceutical support with holistic, non-pharmaceutical treatment options as well as customized evidence based supplement selection for your symptoms. 

Upon completion of her integrative psychiatry training, in June 2023, Dr. Wilson will be providing consultations to new patients. She is currently utilizing these techniques with interested current patients with exciting outcomes. 


SELF CARE: Evidence Based Whole Health Supplements

Dr. Wilson's integrative psychiatry training through the Integrative Psychiatry Institute, has provided the building blocks of our supplement offerings through BBLW. We understand that many people desire wellness without having to take medications. BBLW has partnered with TrueHope and Hardy Nutritionals to provide discount access to the most evidence based supplements on the market. Dr. Wilson and our clinicians have had several hours of training regarding the benefits, risks, and alternatives to these supplements by non-company based educators (unbiased education). Anyone interested in multinutrient ingredient formula therapies is recommend to read the book Better Brain, by Bonnie Kaplan and Julia Rucklidge. To start these supplements an integrative consult may be necessary to provide a treatment plan to a patient who are currently on psychotropic medications. 


SELF CARE: Neuromuscular Toxin and Dermal Filler Esthetic Procedures

Balanced Beauty provides neuromuscular toxins and dermal fillers to help patients balance the confidence that they desire, with the beauty they naturally possess inside and out. Our approach is to enhance the person's natural beauty and help them look and feel refreshed. We want your face to look as though you just returned from a wonderful vacation on the coast of Italy, with a smile that says, "I'm well!" We aim to help you hold on to the age you feel inside, by embracing the natural grace of your skin. 


SELF CARE: Medical Grade Skin Care Regimens

The Balanced Beauty Lifestyle Wellness Skin Care line was developed in collaboration with Vitelle Dermatology Laboratories, Inc who have been in business for over 20 years. This company is a privately held, family owned and operated company specializing in green, micro-batch manufacturing. As one of the largest organs in the body (myth: skin is the largest organ system in the human body), much of what the body and brain experience on the inside, is manifest on the outside. A commitment to a good skin care routine not only promotes skin health, it acts as a pause button to the day's stress and chaos. 5 minutes twice a day to love your skin heals mind as well as body. 


SELF CARE: Naturally Sourced Beauty and Wellness Products 

Each self-care product available for purchase was individually selected by Dr. Wilson to support independently owned, small business owners, who described naturally sourced products that promote health, beauty, wellness or fun without the risks of harsh chemicals or ingredients.


Dietician Services: Improve your relationship with food

Teresa Swain, RD is the newest member of nutritional services and healthy lifestyle management. Teresa focuses on healthy lifestyle and wellness by following the "Eating Competency Model" which goes beyond calorie counting and diets to focus on the person's relationship with food. If you are interested in learning about your your eating patterns and understanding how these patterns affect your health,  talk to your weight management clinician about a consultation with Teresa!

**Services Listed as self care are out of pocket cost, not covered by insurance**


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